"Energy and persistence conquer all things."

Benjamin Franklin

D&B Advance Science Technology, LLC of Houston, Texas (“D&B”) is pleased to present itself as a specialized company in the electric energy, and  oil & gas markets.   Our future resides in designing and building natural gas powered power plants throughout the world. D&B specializes in the design, construction, installation and operation of specialty oil and gas, electric power and water purification plants world-wide. In our services of In-situ,  Oil Recovery & Remediation System and Water Purification. We have invested developing our own edge tech-nology. In junction with our developed chemical products that allow us to be at the forefront in the subject of purification of pollutants based on oil, metals and sanitary waste. In the same way we have created and implemented new techniques to reduce the costs of Bioremediation by strengthening the reuse of contaminated land and water.

Electric Power Generation


  • DBAST develops and operates electric power generation plants using clean and renewable energy.  We are in late stage discussions for various power plant projects in North America ranging from 2 to 1000 MW installed capacity each.

  • Today searching future environmental friendly power production we are focused in natural gas power Energy generation.

  • Point edge technology developed by GE and Siemens allow us to produce  above 98% efficiency in the energy production.

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In-situ Oil 
  • Conventional methods to process oil based mud (OBM) or hydrocarbon containing soil and drill cuttings are costly and/or slow. 

  • Trucking offsite is costly and creates liabilities during transit and handling

  • Bio-remediation is very slow and leaves liability of a legacy site for many years

  • DBAST has developed an in-situ remediation technology that can quickly convert the hydrocarbon into water and carbon dioxide, which are evaporated/vented to the atmosphere.

  • After treatment, the soil is considered contaminant free.  This allows the owner to close up the site with no legacy liability

Oil Recovery &
Remediation System


  • Conventional remediation methods are ineffective and slow

  • DBAST has developed a low cost soil remediation oil recovery system (SRORS) that can remove up to 99.9% of the oil in solid wastes and in shorter time (50 tons of feed per hour).

  • The resulting products from DBAST’s proprietary SRORS are heavy oil and clean sand/solids

  • The heavy oil can be sold to refineries after blending with diluent

  • The clean sand/solids may be sold as fill material for construction

Water Purification
  • Electro-Coagulation Systems (ECS) use electric current to change the suspended particle surface charge, facilitating agglomeration of particles, which then settle due to gravity.

  • Conventional electro-coagulation systems are power hogs – thus expensive to operate.

  • DBAST’s ECS can treat 125 gallons per minute while consuming less than 400 watts of power. 

  • The treatment:

  • Removes sub-micron sized suspended particles

  • Reduces dissolved chlorides by ≥15%

  • Breaks up emulsions of oil, grease and latex

  • Kills ≥ 99% of pathogens


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